COMPANY NEWS: CEO Ali Riley of JonHorn Capital Funding co-sponsors CCIM event at Jaigantic Studios & In 2023, we'll donate 5% of proceeds from any business funded by JonHorn Capital in Southbury or Salisbury CT to both towns' Affordable Housing Projects.


Senior Executive Business Development Broker
New Britian Connecticut "Mala Polska" Branch

Wojtek "Vtek" Rosa

Rick Marz
Lead Executive Business Development Broker

Vtek has been in the sales industry, including real estate, for 18yrs. He enjoys working with clients to make sure their needs and concerns have been met. Today Vtek, utilizes his skills with assisting investors and entrepreneurs to maximize their profits and fulfill their life long dreams of generational wealth through real estate investments.

Wojtek Rosa sluzy najwiekszej Polskiej spolecznosci na w kraju " Mala Polska" w Nowej wielkiej Brytanii Connecticut. Zna I rozumie swoje Polskie Korzenie i jest w stanie wspierac i pomagac potrzeby finansowe kazdego kto potrzebuje kredytu.

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At JonHorn, we shower our clients with excellence. We build our team and establish partnerships with industry leaders, all dedicated to providing excellent service.

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JonHorn was built differently. We strive to create client experiences that go above and beyond client expectations while simplifying the process and revolutionizing the industry with our overwhelmingly positive results.

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"I've been working with Anthony and Ali the past two years. Working with them is easier and simple. They're always going above and beyond in their efforts to ensure quality service and meet your expectations. Very professional!"

"I just want to say thank you to Anthony, I had a great experience working with this company. I had a house we needed to close in about 2 weeks and the seller was not willing to wait longer, we tried to find lenders that could make this happen and after 3 others said it wasn’t possible, we finally found Anthony and he was able to make it happen! Thanks to JonHorn Capital Funding we were able to close on time!"

"Working with Ali and Anthony was a seamless process. They were there for me when others like Webster bank were not; they were able to help and take care of me within 30 days. When I need funding for another project I won't hesitate to call and if you need help these are the guys for the job. I am forever grateful ."
- Sincerely, Dr. Matusz